This repository contains playbooks to fully automate a production deployment of OpenShift on RHV
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OCP on RHV with ansible

This project shows how you can install the OpenShift Container Platform on Redhat Virtualization fully automated with ansible. The requriments for this to work are a working dhcp server and pre populated DNS names.

Pre Requirements

Pre Requirements:

  • You need to have a working dhcp server
  • You need to have a working pre populated DNS
  • You need a golden template for the deployment
  • You need to install the following rpms on your ansible control host for the openshift deployment: openshift-ansible-3.7.14-1.git.0.4b35b2d.el7.noarch, openshift-ansible-playbooks-3.7.14-1.git.0.4b35b2d.el7.noarch

group_vars and vault

Before you can kickoff the install you will have to make sure that you change the key variables for your own environment. You will have to change the following in groups_vars/all/vars and vault:

  • key: "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDe+uyKG6qr7Feh7tNQy9tqyOMvK1a0o7JVcOjLI/5XXNlcMuyVINYQNGVxZpkmjeidaroZASDFz0MuVZwxC8dQ7esf0XPc7+izJ4SEpJnQ0CgOrzLZ9lXhgYeq9uYQcGSrb3dQi4Jt9UuN7zQIdPW9otoAM8HTFFVe2rNJG/pd0R+uWqucgszqzGyNeBykQl6NFv4x0SPu1mxZlqukfwKa7oAhgx4SDDSYcNiEYQsvYDzIDUrAb7bQ74+aE6YB0sNHlM8ax04Z2vTV36Us0x29pNHiSndjQalZ+5z5202f2WwOBHAyzKFDFh0NIq7bsMD1BJV0Z86pF0qsBceLSCf root@localhost.localdomain"
  • db_size
  • db_vol_name
  • template_name
  • datastore
  • cluster
  • rhvm_addr: "{{ vault_rhvm_addr }}"
  • rhv_user: "{{ vault_rhv_user }}"
  • rhv_pass: "{{ vault_rhv_pass }}"
  • network_name: ovirtmgmt
  • rhn_user: "{{ vault_rhn_user }}"
  • rhn_pass: "{{ vault_rhn_pass }}"
  • rhn_pool: 8a85f98660c55a380160c2fa572d302b
  • openshift_master_default_subdomain:

All other variables are optional and can be left as a default.

Edit the ocp-deploy-rhv.yml

The main file for blueprints is ocp-deploy-rhv.yml. This file includes the definition for masters, nodes, lb, and nfs servers.

The following variables in bolt are mandatory for each type:
hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  gather_facts: no
  remote_user: root
    vm_name: ocp-infranode
    type: infranode
    infranode: true
     ipaddr: "{{ node1 }}"
    count: 2
     createvm: true
        - {role: 'ocp-rhv'}

Important ... If you don't build an HA install you won't need the LB settings

openshift_master_cluster_method: native
openshift_master_cluster_hostname: "{{ hostvars[groups['lb'][0]]['fqdn'] }}"
openshift_master_cluster_public_hostname: "{{ hostvars[groups['lb'][0]]['fqdn'] }}"

Running the playbook

ansible-playbook ocp-deploy-rhv.yml --vault-pass=vaultpass