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WebMelody helps developers transform CoffeeScript to JavaScript, Less and Sass to Css and generates Sprite images within VisualStudio. Ctrl + S to save your files in VisualStudio and it will generate files for you.


Checkout the source code then build the solution in the src folder
Double click Infinity.WebMelody.VisualStudio.vsix to install this VisualStudio extension.
If you had installed this, please remove it from the Extension Manager of VisualStudio first.

How to use

Simply Ctrl + S to save your file and the extension will transform 
your source file(CoffeeScript) to target file(JavaScript).

There is a core dll which you can use it in your Build process.

Config options

Go to "Tools" --> "Options" menu in VisualStudio, and then get to the "Infinity.WebMelody" section.
You should be able to config file extensions for watching. For example, WebMelody will monitor
files with .less extension by default. The default settings should cover the most common scenarios.

Transform settings examples

Css transformation

Create a file xxx.transform.config with the following content

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <css name="common" pattern="*.less" enableImageUrlPathRewrite="true" transfromMode="Both">

Save this config file and then you will see 2 files will be generated(common.css and common.min.css). Basically, WebMelody will translate/transform those specified files and combine/minify them into a file

name: it is the file name without extension
pattern: the search pattern
enableImageUrlPathRewrite: if true, WebMelody will rewrite the image url in the generated file especially
relative image urls may get lost after file combination if the source files are in different folders .
transformMode: it can have Both, Debug(only for debug/development) and Release(production ready)