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The LDSpider project provides a web crawling framework for the Linked Data web.

Requirements and challenges for crawling the Linked Data web are different from regular web crawling, thus the LDSpider project offers a web crawler adapted to traverse and harvest content from the Linked Data web.

Due to Google's change to Google code, the downloads page cannot be maintained any more, so you have to browse the repository for both code and jars. Note that you can use maven with the google code repository. The groupId is com.ontologycentral and the artifactId ldspider.

The project is a co-operation between Andreas Harth at AIFB and Juergen Umbrich at DERI. Aidan Hogan, Tobias Kaefer and Robert Isele are contributing.

Cite as

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  • Content Handlers for different formats:
    • Includes handlers to read RDF/XML, N-TRIPLES and N-QUADS;
    • Any23 handlers for other RDF serialisations, e.g. RDFa
    • Simple interface design to implement own handlers (e.g. to handle additional formats).
  • Different crawling strategies
    • Breadth-first crawl;
    • Depth-first crawl;
    • optionally crawl schema information (TBox).
  • Crawling scope
    • crawl can easily be restricted to specific pages e.g. pages with a specific domain prefix.
  • Output formats - The crawled data can be written in various ways:
    • The output can be written to files in different formats, such as RDF/XML or N-QUADS
    • The crawler can write all statements to a Triple Store using SPARQL/Update. Optionally uses named graphs to structure the written statements by their source page.
    • Optionally, the output include provenance information.

Getting Started

LDSpider can be used in two ways:


Sign up to the LDSpider mailing list via the web interface or by emailing


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A crawler for the Linked Data web







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