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Open Energy Data Project

This project will allow a user to acquire the latest energy data sets that are publicly available. Only publicly available data will be included into the database, however I will be providing links to subscription services that others may find useful.

Download the data

Firstly, we must acquire the data.

  • EIA API data bank is a rapidly growing database of US and some global energy indicators. This scrapper acquires the data (>2Gb)

    • Energy-Data / download /
  • Australian Energy Market Operator

  • Half Houly Spot Market Prices and Demand

    • Energy-Data / download /
  • Historial 5 Minute Demand files for the last 10 years

    • Energy-Data / download /
  • Economic Data acquire Federal Reserve 8th District's FRED data bank, the World Bank's Development Indicators and the Maddison Data set on economic development

    • Energy-Data / download /