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Engine and Editor Development

Adam Le Doux - Project Lead

@ayolland - Contributor

Elkie - Contributor

equa (@equaa) - Contributor

@ragzouken - Contributor

Samuel Fine - Contributor

Sean S. LeBlanc - Contributor

@zachThePerson - Contributor


Adam Le Doux

Annie Zhang

Ash Green

cecile richard

Dana Holdampf


Freya Campbell




Ahmed Khalifa - Arabic translation

Alexis Clay - Arabic font and Arabic translation

Ariel Bonkorpa - Esperanto translation

Bruno Silva - Portuguese translation

Dorian Beaugendre - French translation

Elkie - Russian translation

Em - Swedish translation

enui - Italian translation

Game Makers Iceland - Icelandic translation

Kai Werder - German translation

Marina Díez - Spanish and Italian translation

Mateusz Teklak - Polish translation

Matthias Löwe - German translation

Onion - Russian translation

Peter Februar - French translation

Ray Song - Chinese translation

@scumslug - Estonian translation

Sequoia Edwards - Chinook translation

Török Ádám - Hungarian translation

Tokoro - Japanese translation