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v7.12 [WIP]:
- allow editor panels to be resized (@seansleblanc)
- fix: alt-clicking items not selecting them (@seansleblanc)
- fix: rainbow text effect letters not showing up when dialog completed early (@seansleblanc)
- fix: room preview not updating when changing current palette (@seansleblanc)
- fix: remove empty path to fix invalid svg (@seansleblanc)
- fix: exported games breaking due to CRLF in template (equa)
- fix: replace various hard-coded constants with appropriate variables (@seansleblanc)
- fix bug where fade transitions alter the palette of the destination room during exit-from-script
- fix bug where textbox overflow stopped working
- fix bug where HTML import was broken
- improve exit tool layout (when all menus open)
- more robust transitions between different length palettes
- fix bug where thumbnails don't update on add / delete
- fix bug where gif recorder is disabled in play mode
- fix bug where updates are not installed
- had to turn off service worker temporarily
- refactor to make porting easier
- play mode is more visually distinct
- tools are disabled during play mode
- show current room location during play mode
- fix bug where find button in paint tool overflows
- disable broken dialog preview button until I can fix it
- attempt to fix bug where extra frame is added to animation
- fix bug where games can't be uploaded from HTML
- url parameter for localization
- new layout for mobile devices
- add find tool shortcut to room, color, & dialog tools
- bugfix: stop adding extra spaces between code and text
- bugfix: thumbnails weren't generating after new game or import game
- refactor to share drawing data code between editor and engine
- new find tool!
- @seansleblanc: improved stability of persistent data storage
- bugfix: duplicating dialog fixed
- bugfix: duplicating palettes fixed
- bugfix: stop dialog tool from always opening at start
- save grid on/off settings between sessions
- bugfix: Samuel Fine fixed mobile touch controls
- bugfix: @seansleblanc fixed unrecoverable state from loc bug
- bugfix: extra newlines were added in dialog
- bugfix: return exit's "move" button wasn't localized
- bugfix: checkbox states were wrong on page load
- bugfix: room nav controls were broken after game data edits
- bugfix: stop deleting dialog that's still referenced
- new icons!
- dialog panel textboxes are sized to fit text
- localization updates
- bugfixes:
-- disable importing/exporting games while the game is playing
-- empty dialog doesn't break items and exits
-- stop exits from getting moved off-screen
-- dialog selection stopped working after playing the game
-- gif thumbnails don't break with large # of colors
-- invalid character boxes render for missing fonts
-- @seansleblanc fixed float bug with randomly generated colors
-- @seansleblanc fixed transition pixel overflow bug
- updated localization text
- bugfixes:
-- old dialog doesn't override imported dialog
-- typing in the ending dialog doesn't deselect it
- updated dialog panel:
-- supports nested lists and dialogs
-- set & update variable values with the expression builder
-- more functions!
- add dialogs to exits
- lock exits and endings from dialog
- exit and end from dialog
- pagebreak function
- titles can have multiple lines of dialog
- bugfixes:
-- spaces work inside nexted dialog
-- functions support multiple parameters
-- unknown functions aren't deleted
- bugfixes:
-- @zachThePerson fixed room tool adding phantom tiles to room
-- @zachThePerson fixed error messages with chrome touch controls
-- @ragzouken duplicating drawings didn't update the finder thumbnail
-- @zachThePerson dragging out of a tool would select outside text
-- @ayolland fixed touch controls in iOS
-- @aloelazoe fixed a bug when adding new items
- localization:
-- Chinook language translation by Sequoia Edwards
-- Japanese language translation by Tokoro
- importing games from HTML works again
- updated about panel
- added open source license (MIT)!
- all resources are packaged locally to avoid cross-origin errors
-- you can download bitsy games from local copies of bitsy!
- exit tool resets when you delete a room
- invalid exits don't break the editor
- downloaded games pass w3c validation test
- download panel is sized correctly on chrome
- you can drag tool panels past the rightmost tool
- paint explorer updates when you paste new game data in
-- also it selects valid sprites when you change game data
- inventory UI resets when game restarts
- duplicate and delete palettes in the color tool!
- bugfixes:
-- >= and <= work correctly again
-- drawing colors update when you use the color picker
-- animations stay in time with each other when you change them
-- rooms without a defined palette don't break the game
-- deleting all palettes from game data won't break the game
- editor is more mobile-friendly:
-- new portrait mode layout
-- enabled touch controls for room and paint tools
-- font sizes for high dpi displays
- bugs:
-- fixed bug where you can't remove sprites from rooms
-- fixed crashes when there are no rooms
-- fixed html import bug
- improved rendering performance in chrome
- new combined exits & endings tool!
- exits are two-way by default
- change exit direction with one button
- new exit transition animations!
- exit thumbnails are shortcut to rooms
- toggle exits & endings visibility
- move exits & endings in room without tool open
- move exits & endings in two ways:
-- click and drag in the room
-- OR use the "move" button
- updated translations for several languages
- editor translated into Arabic, Chinese, and Polish
***** shout outs to the translators! *****
Ahmed Khalifa (Arabic)
Ray Song (Chinese)
Mateusz Teklak (Polish)
- new Arabic pixel font
- right to left text
- bitsyfont supports variable-width fonts
- editor translated into Esperanto, Estonian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Russian
***** thank you translators!!!! :) *****
Ariel J Moody (Esperanto)
Raul (Estonian)
Ádám Török (Hungarian)
Game Makers Iceland (Icelandic)
Vinvirinvi & Onion (Russian)
- link to updated Bitsy tutorial by Claire Morley
- added link to "games made with Bitsy" on
- performance improvements:
-- speed up game loading time with new renderer
-- improve editor responsiveness by only loading thumbnails when needed
- {say} function re-enabled
- fix weird scrolling in mobile
- default game loads correctly
- perf improvement: hide font data in game data by default
--- added toggle button to show/hide font data
- bugfix: avatar moved after leaving dialog
- bugfix: too many keys being ignored after leaving dialog
- editor translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German
***** huge thanks to the translators *****
Peter Februar & Dorian Beaugendre (French)
Bruno Silva (Portuguese)
Marina Díez (Spanish & Italian)
Em (Swedish)
Kai Werder & Matthias Löwe (German)
- new fonts to display European and Asian characters
- new settings panel!
- functions to add drawings to dialog: {printSprite}, {printTile}, {printItem}
- {print} function replaces deprecated {say} function
- downloaded game uses game title for file name
- when creating animations, the second frame starts as a copy of the first
- touch controls work on whole exported page, not just the game window
- you can download game data as separate ".bitsy" file
- bugfix: reset didn't reset game title
- bugfix: player got stuck moving in one direction
- bugfix: sometimes game window blinked in editor during play
- fix broken gif recording
- add gif snapshot! (take screenshot of current room)
-- alt-click for widescreen snapshot
- fix bug with reset game
- alt-click a tile or sprite in the room tool to edit it in the paint tool
- filter drawings by name!
- fix importing new-style html
- new color picker tool
- page export color saved between sessions
- updated tools bar
- bugfix: wall visualization was broken
- wall settings for tiles apply to all rooms by default
- bugfix: error on walking into edge of room
- new swipe & tap mobile controls
- mobile-friendly full page game window
- adjustable game window size settings
- dialog text fields are expandable
- the find drawing window is resizable
- add drawings in the find drawing window
- bugs fixed:
-- when you deleted a room, exits weren't deleted
-- when you deleted a room, exit options didn't update
-- find drawing window didn't update correctly when drawing deleted
-- dialog wasn't delete when sprite was
-- tiles were being named "undefined"
-- find drawing window didn't refresh on new game
- bugfix: sometimes new dialog would overwrite old dialog
- advanced dialog options, including:
-> dialog that changes each time it's said
-> dialog that changes based on items player has
- special effects for dialog, including:
-> shaky text
-> wavy text
-> rainbow text
- items
- inventory
- you can name objects, including:
-> items
-> rooms
-> palettes
- dialog scripting language with variables
- bugfix: newline characters work in dialog
- additional bugfixes
- bugfix: can't add color palettes
- bugfix: games don't run on iOS
- bugfix: remove broken mouse controls
- bugfix: games with no title couldn't start
- new "find drawing" window
--> browse list of all tiles and sprites
- new animation preview UI
- rooms animate in edit mode
- drag exits and endings to move them!
- show entrances in room view
- fix exit copy bug
- exits start with valid destination
- move tool windows around by dragging the title bar!
- user interface redesign
- bugfix: duplicated rooms don't disappear
- add endings to your game!
- you can have multiple color palettes (one per room)
- restart the game with ctrl-r or cmd-r
- dialog textbox matches size of dialog box in game
- gif encoding doesn't freeze the whole browser tab
- bug: you could edit sprites during play mode
- fixed a bug with animated tiles
- easily see walls!
- high contrast colors (black grid for light backgrounds)
- remembers and restores animations you deleted
- bugs fixed:
-> temporary fix for file corruption issue
-> couldn't toggle panels in Firefox
-> wall checkbox didn't update on room change
-> exits were always visible on reload
-> new dialog was lost when switching sprites
-> duplicated drawings didn't include animation
- see overlay of other frame while animating
- change background color of exported game
- apply wall settings to all rooms
- bugs fixed:
-> player could escape off-screen
-> copied rooms changed each other
-> exit options didn't update correctly
- unlimited sprites, tiles, and rooms!
- flipbook-style animation!
-> animate any sprite or tile or avatar
-> check "add animation" in the paint tab
-> switch frames by selecting frame 1 or 2
- sprite/tile thumbnails
-> click a thumbnail to paint it!
- easily duplicate rooms, sprites, and tiles
- exits are easier to see
- skip dialog with any key
- delete sprites, tiles, and rooms!
- use "new" button to start over
- fixed bug with exits when reloading files
- fixed bug with refreshing game data
- re-import games from html files
- autosaving means you'll never lose your work!
- your open tools are remembered between sessions
- record gifs! (open from the toolbar)
- you can have multiple rooms in a game!
- add exits that connect rooms
- a toolbar for showing/hiding tool windows
- you can minimize tools
- remove sprites from a room by clicking on them
- drag to add/delete tiles from room
new features:
- games have touch controls!
- quotation marks in dialog don't break game
- drawing on Surface devices works
- pasting new game data refreshes everything
- editor detects unsupported features
- fix autocomplete color bug in Safari
- limit number of sprites