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An Incredibly Simple Time Logger

InSTiL is a simple command-line utility which you can use to log time. It makes it easy to track how much time you spend on each of your several projects.


  • Requires Python 2.7+
  • Requires the "parsedatetime" package.
  • Simply put the entire "instil" folder somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.
  • You may also want to alias the command "instil" to "python instil".

###Task paths:

Tasks in InSTiL are categorized hierarchically. For example, you might have a broad category of tasks called "homework" and subcategories for "calculus," "physics," "chemistry," etc. These subcategories may even have their own subcategories.

To identify a task in InSTiL, you assign it a path. A path is simply a string of categories, ordered from least-specific to most-specific, which identifies the task as uniquely as you would like.

An example path to identify a specific task would be:

homework chemistry

This would logically refer to a task "" in the category "chemistry," which is a subcategory of "homework."


To log time spent on a task, you must notify InStil when you are starting your work and when you are stopping it.

To start a task:

instil start <path ...>

For example,

instil start homework chemistry

Then, to stop and log the time:

instil stop

If you have accidentally started a task that you do not want to log, use this command:

instil cancel

Note that you do not need to specify the task you are stopping or canceling. It is assumed that only one task can be active at a time, so there is no ambiguity.

If you start a new task, it will automatically stop the previous task if one was active.

If you have already started or stopped a task but forgot to notify InSTiL, you can specify a time or offset when you invoke InSTiL:

instil start <path ...> --at "3:19 PM"
instil stop --at "5 minutes ago"

You can check if any task is active by simply invoking instil without any arguments.

To display a summary logged time, you invoke InSTiL with a parameter corresponding to the amount of time you want to summarize:

instil show -t      # show time logged today
instil show -y      # show time logged yesterday
instil show -w      # show time logged this week
instil show -l      # show time logged last week
instil show -m      # show time logged this month
instil show -L      # show time logged last month

You can combine as many of these parameters as you want to display multiple subsets of data at once. You can also specify the '-d' parameter to show a detailed view. The detailed view will list the time intervals spent on each task, for each day in the requested view.

Other info

InSTiL keeps its data file in ~/.instil/. The directory will be created if it does not exist. If you want to delete your logged time, delete this directory.