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gif storage

Storage place for all my favorite gifs.

This repo is very inspired by jglovier/gifs

I have added icons to copy of the links with one click, and plan to add one or two other feature.


Feel free to open a pull request if you think you got an awesome gif or two. I will only accept stuff that I would use myself.

This collection is mine so the priority is to have gifs I like before anything else. That said, feel free to suggest new ones, even if I don't accept the PR you found your new favorite(s) gif(s) 🎉

How do I get my own ?

You can fork jglovier's repo or mine. I modified the style/build script for my own usage.

Once you fork to your own account, you can even host your own GH Pages site (like mine) by editing or removing the CNAME file in your fork accordingly.

To update the site index, just run ./script/ (you will need Python 3) in the folder of the repo, commit your changes to gh-pages, wait for GitHub's magic to take effect and voilà ! 🎩


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