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McHeads is a WPF element for displaying 3D Minecraft heads. It supports getting a skin either by player name or by UUID.


You can either clone this repository and build the binaries from source or simply install the NuGet package using PM> Install-Package leMaik.McHeads.


You need to import the namespace into your XAML document. The following examples assume that you imported it as mcheads.

To add simple heads, use the Head element.

<!-- my head -->
<mcheads:Head Playername="leMaik"/>

<!-- my head, using the UUID (recommended) -->
<mcheads:Head Uuid="94d67f2f-d039-419b-8958-abe6b25916b0"/>

Using a player's UUID to get the head is the recommended way as a UUID is unique per player and will never change (the nickname may be changed by the player).

The Head element has RotationX, RotationY and RotationZ properties to rotate the head around the corresponding axis. The value is in degrees.
The Scale property can be used to slightly adjust the head size. The default value is 1.0, so that the head will always fit into the bounding box.

Bonus: Mouse watching head

The scenario I originally coded the element for was to have a head that always looks at the user's cursor. Here comes the solution: The MouseWatchingHead, a subclass of Head.

<mcheads:MouseWatchingHead Uuid="94d67f2f-d039-419b-8958-abe6b25916b0"/>

Two additional properties are provided by this element. LookAtCursor can be used to control if the head should look at the cursor or not, default value is true.
The ScreenDistance property controls how far the head is "in" the screen when calculating the rotation for looking at the cursor. The default value of 350.0 works pretty well.


To get the skin of a UUID from the Mojang API, McHeads uses DynamicJson to work with JSON in an easy way. DynamicJson is licensed under the MS-PL. All other files in this repository are licensed under the MIT license, see the license file for more information.


A tiny library that brings Minecraft heads to WPF.




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