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A library for creating menus built using a Domain Driven Design approach. It is implemented using COMPOSITE, ITERATOR, ABSTRACT FACTORY, and DECORATOR to provide a simple, clean, elegant interface for menu management.

*Note: Special care is taken for user input sanitation. This menu does not work with null at all. Attempts to use null will trigger UnsupportedOperationException.



  • [][menu] -- The Aggregate Root of Menu, defines an interface that developers and 3rd party libraries can rely on as the contract to which this library adheres.
  • This interface is Open for Extension, Closed for Modification

...more to come TO DO

Check out test/com/ for a long example of the various things you can do, then check it out!


Feature Story Status Tests
Create a Menu
  • Given: I have the name of a menu I want to create
  • When: I use the menu factory's create menu method
  • Then: I am returned a named menu
Done [MenuFactoryTests][createMenu]