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coderetreat/starting_points holds empty starting points in a variety of languages. This gem allows you to easily start new iterations from a starting point from the command line without having to manually copy files around.

It works by pulling down a local copy of the github repo into ~/.retreat and building iterations from your local copy. That way you can set everything up as a one-time operation and you don't need to worry if the WiFi is a bit wobbly on the day!

Commands are also provided to pull the latest starting points down from github.


Install the gem

$ gem install retreat

Pull the starting points down from github

$ retreat install

How to get started

Show information

$ retreat info


Source Repo:
Local Repo: /Users/adrian/.retreat/retreat
Languages Available: ruby

Choose your preferred language from the list of available languages and then

$ cd <code retreat dir>
$ retreat start <language> <target>

So, for example, if we want to start a new ruby iteration in ~/projects

$ cd ~/projects
$ retreat start ruby iteration1
Created ruby iteration starting point at /Users/adrian/projects/iteration1
$ ls iteration1
lib	spec	test

Note that the target defaults to '.' if you don't supply one.

How to add new languages

  • Clone (or fork) the coderetreat repo from github (i.e this one!)

  • Create your starting point at starting_points/<your language>

  • Push your changes (or send a pull request)

  • Update retreat

    $ retreat update

You should now be able to start a new iteration by running

$ retreat start <your langauge>

For support

Please raise an issue or contact Adrian Mowat (github: mowat27) for help

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