New container for the ops4j pax exam project helping to run Apache Karaf
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Welcome to the PAXEXAM Apache Karaf extension


While PAXEXAM is an OSGi testing framework which is (since version 2.0) able to run plain osgi runtime natively or based on PAXRUNNER Apache Karaf is an OSGi Server based on freely selectable OSGi runtimes. In addition Apache Karaf adds tons of additional configurations and libraries making it far easier to work with OSGi. On the other hand though those extensions make it very hard to test Apache Karaf itself or on Apache Karaf based distributions using PAXEXAM.

This project creates a container for PAXEXAM starting any Apache Karaf based distribution directly and deploys your test probes on it. That way less configuration is needed and the risk for errors is drastically reduced since the exact configurations of the distribution are used.


Currently this extension does only work with distributions based on Karaf >= 2.2.0 like the latest Karaf releases themselves or the OpenEngSB. For this reason Servicemix in a version smaller or equal 4.3.0 won't work with this framework.


Basically there is nearly no difference to any other PAXEXAM test except that you use org.openengsb.extensions.paxexam.karaf/container as your container instead of native or runner in your pom.xml.

From that point on there are minor differences. The extension tries to support the configuration options available via PAXEXAM itself as good as possible. Still there are various additional configurations and some are handled a little bit differently than in a "regular" PAXEXAM environment. The full usage of the framework could be found in the Github Wiki Pages.


The entire source code is licensend under the Apache 2 License and is therefore free to be used in commercial projects.


To build the project simply checkout the latest master or tag and do a maven install.


Contributions are always welcomed in every form (documentation, ideas or code). For ideas or problems please simply use the OpenEngSB Issue Tracker Extension Project. For documentation the Github Wiki Pages and for code the Github Pull Request mechanism.