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vis_milk2.dll is a 32bit visualization plugin for Winamp modified for Spout output.

Copy vis_milk2.dll from the Spout distribution to the Winamp plugins folder.

Start Winamp and select : Options > Visualization > Select Plugin
and choose "MilkDrop v2.25c [vis_milk2.dll]"

Spout options are available in the Visualization configuration control panel :

Options -> Visualizations -> Configure Plugin

      [ ] Enable Spout output (default ON)

Settings are saved with OK.

The Spout output can also be changed when the Visualization is running  :

Ctrl-Z to enable or disable

The selected settings are saved when the Visualizer is stopped.

Notes :

Milkdrop for Winamp is compatible only with early versions of Visual Studio compiler.

Currently the plugin works with all applications built using the Spout 2.006 SDK and the SpoutLibrary dll.