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Interface for creating asynchronous links.
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Defer Link


An Apollo Link to allow links to asynchronously be prepared, even after the ApolloClient has been constructed.


npm install apollo-link-defer --save


import { WebSocketLink } from 'apollo-link-ws'
import { SubscriptionClient } from 'subscriptions-transport-ws'
import { deferLink } from "apollo-link-defer";

const deferredSubscriptionLink =
    .then(path => api.get(path))
    .then(({ uri, address }) => {
      const token = cookie.get()
      return new SubscriptionClient(
        { reconnect: true, connectionParams: { type: 'register', address } },
    .then(client => new WebSocketLink(client))

// This prevents the underlying link from being created until we have the correct URL.
const wsLink = deferLink(resolveSubscriptionLink)

// The client can still be built while we wait for the link to finish setting up.
// It will transparently be used once the link is successfully instantiated.
const client = new ApolloClient({link: wsLink})
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