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Figma Heron Handoff


Heron Handoff can help you export developer-handoff files with design specs. This project is the template you generate from, to generate handoff file You need to install Heron Handoff Plugin first.



1. Install plugin

Visit Heron Handoff Plugin in Figma and click install.

Install plugin

2. Run plugin in a file

Open a file in Figma, right click and select plugin -> Heron Handoff to run it.

Run plugin

3. Select and export

This plugin will recognize every top-level frame in the canvas and now you can select what you want.

Checking Export components list option will generate a list of components in the left panel of design specs. You don't need to check it if you just put all components in a page like below.

Select frames

4. Select exports

The plugin will recognize all layers with export property. You need to select the images you want to export. The repeated images will be renamed and mark as a red symbol.

Just hit the generating button when everything is done.

Select frames

5. View design specs

You will get a zip file after seconds. Upzip it and open index.html. Now you can view design specs. Send this zip to developers to handoff.

Select frames

As a module

It's published to NPM so you can install it as a react module if you want to develop based on it.

First at first, install it.

yarn add heron-handoff

Then import and configure it.

import Canvas from 'heron-handoff'

const settings = {
  convention: 1,
  exportWebP: false,
  includeComponents: false,
  language: "zh",
  platform: 1,
  remBase: 16,
  resolution: 0,
  unit: 2
const pagedFrames = {
  "755:1494": {
    "name": "Plugin",
    "frames": [
        "id": "2590:442",
        "name": "settings",
        "image": {
          "url": "/mock/2590-442.png"
  "755:1493": {
    "name": "Dashboard",
    "frames": [
        "id": "2941:26",
        "name": "file detail",
        "image": {
          "url": "/mock/2941-26.png"
const exportSettings = [{
  contentsOnly: true,
  fileName: "icon@2x.png",
  format: "PNG",
  id: "I2590:136;2731:1",
  image: {url: "/mock/exports/icon@2x.png"},
  name: "icon",
  suffix: ""
const fileData = {
  name: 'Handoff design',
  document: {},
  styles: {}

export default function () {
  return (
      onHeaderBack={() => { console.log('Back icon clicked.') }}

The props is exported from heron-handoff-plugin.


How to deliver sliced images?

All the elements with exports in the right panel will be exported as sliced images. Note that slice layers without export property will not be exported, and also instance will not inherit export form main component.

For example, this settings below will export thumb-up-ios@3x.png and thumb-up.svg (this element named thumb-up).

Export settings

Why there are offsets in design specs?

There are two reasons for offset:

  1. Some layers are flipped or transformed.
  2. Layers overflow from top-level frame but clip content not checked.

I'm look into the first situation but you can check clip content for the second situation.

Clip Content

Buy me a coffee

Figma Handoff it's free and open sourced. You can donate me if you think it's useful. Thanks!


Donation qrcode

This project is using Create React App.