User-side multiple clouds monitoring by the LEADS project
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  • Multi-clouds monitoring framework using Redis backend. Redis is used to store the monitored data that can be accessed in real-time.
  • Monitoring tool for the LEADS project


  • Add 1) the hostnames or the IP addresses of the hosts that you want to monitor and 2) IP of the redis server at beginning of fabfile (Line 23/24 in

How to run the code

  • Install fabric
    • $ sudo apt-get install fabric (under Ubuntu)
  • Install requirements:
    • $ fab requirement
  • Upload the probe program (i.e., the client for monitoring a machine) to the hosts:
    • $ fab uploadMonitor
  • Start the master that receives the probes (CPU, RAM, and network utilization):
    • $ fab startMonitor
  • Start the web interface:
    • $ fab runWeb
  • Access: http://IP_of_Redis_server:6868/ in order to get the real-time monitoring data from multiple clouds
  • You can also use any redis compatible client in order to pull the collected data directly from the Redis database
  • Stop the master via:
    • $ fab stopMonitor