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Camping in Style

This User Script conditionally adds styles to provide more control over how Campfire formats messages.

To install, click on the “scroll” drop-down in the Campfire fluid app toolbar and click “Open Userscripts Folder”. Copy “camping-in-style.user.js” to that folder and then click “Manage Userscripts” in the same drop-down. Select “Camping in Style” on the left and close that dialog. You may have to restart Campfire before existing Campfire sessions begin using the new style.

To configure it, edit the configuration source at the bottom of the script. It should be self-explanatory (mostly). If something goes wrong while loading (syntax / runtime error), the error message will show in an alert dialog.

It is tested to work with GreaseKit (FluidApp / Safari) and GreasyMonkey (Firefox) and was made by Tim Harper.