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Designed and tested on Windows 10, version 1703. Not fully tested, but should work for macOS/Linux.


This theme provides a comfortable display of CJK characters by using source-han-sans and source-han-serif.

Code Fence uses theme ported from material.css.

无衬线字体,衬线字体和等宽字体分别采用思源黑体,思源宋体, mononoki ,在 Windows 下有良好的中文呈现效果。

代码高亮使用 Material 配色。


Update 2017.08.18

I selected Simplified Chinese glyphs as default, and used Language-specific OTFs. It can be used directly by Simplified Chinese users.

If you want use Traditional Chinese, Japanese or Korean. There are two way to change to another language.

  1. Downloading latest release from Source Han Sans and Source Han Serif . And then change font-faceandfont-familyaccording to the fonts you downloading.


        font-family Source Han Sans SC
        font-weight normal
        src local('Source Han Sans SC Regular'),url(catfish/SourceHanSansSC-Regular.otf)
    font-sans = Source Han Sans SC, sans-serif

  2. Installing Super OTC. (It is included in catfish folder or you can also choose to download from official website.)

    This deployment format requires macOS (OS X) Version 10.8 (aka Mountain Lion) or later, iOS 7 or later, Windows 10 Version 1703 (aka Creators Update) or later, a flavor of Linux that uses fontconfig and FreeType Version or greater, or Adobe CS6 apps or later.

    There are other deployments available in Github.

    You can removefont-face of Source Han Sans and Source Han Serif and just modify font-family accordingly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.