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To Do

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Click here for a Getting Started video

A To Do sample application. The implementation is divided in two parts: server and client. They communicate via the To Do API, specified in the Postman Collection at docs/To Do API Specification.postman_collection.json. Import the collection in Postman to read the API documentation.

Run a local instance by importing this project in IntelliJ as a Maven project and starting src/main/java/edu/jhu/cs/pl/to_do/ In Postman, request the local server by switching to the Development environment as defined in docs/Development.postman_environment.json.


  • docs: The Postman specification and environment.
  • src/main/java: The code for the server.
  • src/main/resources: The code for the client.
  • src/test: Unit tests with JUnit.
  • .travis.yml: Travis CI configuration.
  • pom.xml: Maven configuration.
  • Procfile and Heroku configuration.