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Make creates new file #4

seanhess opened this Issue Nov 7, 2012 · 4 comments

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seanhess commented Nov 7, 2012

I think errorformat isn't matching correctly.

:make %

/Users/seanhess/sandbox/typescript/main.ts (62,15): Expected ';'
"~/sandbox/typescript/main.ts " [New File]  

It opens a new file. You can navigate back, but you lose your undo history and everything. See

seanhess commented Nov 7, 2012

Looks like errors can come in 2 formats. One with the space, one without. This matches the one with the space.

errorformat= %#%f (%l\,%c): %m

But I can't figure out how to get one to match BOTH.

seanhess commented Nov 7, 2012

Ok, this works for me, but I don't understand what the %# and the space at the beginning is for, so I don't know what else it might break:

CompilerSet errorformat=\ %#%f\ (%l\\\,%c):\ %m
CompilerSet errorformat+=%f(%l\\\,%c):\ %m
@leafgarland leafgarland pushed a commit that closed this issue Nov 7, 2012
Leaf Garland Compiler settings updated and a small fix to ftplugin
Fixes #4, tsc sometimes reports errors with an extra space after
Fixes #5, made :make work without filename. Not sure about this, some
language bundles do some don't.

%# somewhat oddly ends up being * which gives \ * which is a regex for any amount of spaces including 0. The same trick can be used to deal with the odd space after the file name.

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