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Update the README.

We're more portable since last writing. We also shamefully ignore the
bugtracker and blocking changes pages, so drop those for now. Other
tweaks and fixups.

Signed-off-by: Marti Bolivar <>
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@@ -22,11 +22,9 @@ microcontrollers. It has a pure C layer, libmaple proper, which does
most of the work, and a C++ layer, Wirish, which provides high-level
convenience functions and a Wiring/Arduino-compatible interface.
-libmaple's primary purpose is for use with LeafLabs' Maple line of
-microcontroller development boards (hence the name). However, it is
-portable across a variety of medium- and high-density STM32F1xx chips.
-For example, libmaple has successfully been ported to the ST Discovery
+libmaple is designed for portability, and currently runs on a variety
+of STM32F1 performance and value line MCUs, with experimental support
+for STM32F2 MCUs.
Using libmaple
@@ -39,8 +37,7 @@ compilation and upload toolchain:
Additionally, a HOWTO on setting up this library for use from the
-command line in a Unix environment is available in our online HTML
+command line in a Unix environment is available here:
@@ -60,14 +57,6 @@ repository, visit:
-Our bugtracker is available at:
-For changes that block official releases, see our wiki:
Repository Layout
@@ -107,26 +96,28 @@ Repository Layout
- libmaple build instructions for GNU Make.
+ libmaple build instructions for GNU Make. (This is supplemented by
+, the files throughout the tree, and the
+ files in support/make/).
Unstructured text notes that may be useful.
- This file.
+ This file ;).
Support files and scripts for various purposes.
gdb/ GDB scripts.
ld/ Linker scripts.
- make/ Additional scripts used by the top-level Makefile.
+ make/ Additional files used by the top-level Makefile.
scripts/ Miscellany.
doxygen/ Doxygen configuration.
- Script for uploading via the built-in USART bootloader.
+ Upload script for the STM32's built-in USART bootloader.

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