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Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. @mbolivar

    Move public headers to include directories; related cleanups.

    mbolivar authored
    Move libmaple/*.h to (new) libmaple/include/libmaple/. The new
    accepted way to include a libmaple header foo.h is with:
        #include <libmaple/foo.h>
    This is more polite in terms of the include namespace. It also allows
    us to e.g. implement the Arduino SPI library at all (which has header
    SPI.h; providing it was previously impossible on case-insensitive
    filesystems due to libmaple's spi.h).
    Similarly for Wirish.
    The old include style (#include "header.h") is now deprecated.
    - Change include guard #defines from _FOO_H_ to _LIBMAPLE_FOO_H_.
    - Add license headers where they're missing
    - Add conditional extern "C" { ... } blocks where they're missing
      (they aren't always necessary, but we might was well do it against
      the future, while we're at it.).
    - Change includes from #include "foo.h" to #include <libmaple/foo.h>.
    - Move includes after extern "C".
    - Remove extra trailing newlines
    Note that this doesn't include the headers under libmaple/usb/ or
    libmaple/usb/usb_lib. These will get fixed later.
    - Change includes from #include "foo.h" to #include <libmaple/foo.h>.
    - Add I$(LIBMAPLE_PATH)/include/libmaple to GLOBAL_FLAGS.  This allows
      for users (including Wirish) to migrate their code, but should go
      away ASAP, since it slows down compilation.
    - Move wirish/**/*.h to (new) wirish/include/wirish/.  This ignores
      the USB headers, which, as usual, are getting handled after
      everything else.
    - Similarly generify wirish/boards/ structure. For each supported
      board "foo", move wirish/boards/foo.h and wirish/boards/foo.cpp to
      wirish/boards/foo/include/board/board.h and
      wirish/boards/foo/board.cpp, respectively. Also remove the #ifdef
      hacks around the .cpp files.
    - wirish/ put wirish/boards/foo/include in the include path
      (and add wirish/boards/foo/board.cpp to the list of sources to be
      compiled). This allows saying:
          #include <board/board.h>
      instead of the hack currently in place. We can allow the user to
      override this setting later to make adding custom board definitions
    - Disable -Werror in libmaple/, as the current USB warnings
      don't let the olimex_stm32_h103 board compile. We can re-enable
      -Werror once we've moved the board-specific bits out of libmaple
    libraries, examples:
    - Update includes accordingly.
    - Miscellaneous cosmetic fixups.
    Signed-off-by: Marti Bolivar <>
Commits on Aug 18, 2011
  1. @mbolivar
Commits on Jun 24, 2011
  1. @mbolivar

    Make FreeRTOS changes comply with the coding standard.

    mbolivar authored
    Don't modify the core FreeRTOS code; only change source that's
    specific to libmaple.
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