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audio-loopie committed a rough draft of the audio loopie code Nov 8, 2011
dma-test Adding non-working DMA test. Feb 27, 2011
dmx-512 clean and working dmx class Sep 21, 2011
laser checked in a test sketch for the mcp4725 DACs Jul 8, 2011
pmvm remove crufty vim swap files Feb 14, 2013
thx dmx-512 importable header files (non-functional) Aug 27, 2011
vga-colors adding color images Jun 2, 2011
vga-pong renamed vga to vga-pong Sep 21, 2010
.gitignore remove crufty vim swap files Feb 14, 2013
README added a README Sep 21, 2010


This repository holds our in-development projects.

You're obviously welcome to try things out, but any one of these
projects might not work, or, worse, do something nasty.

In other words, swim at your own risk.