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An extension to Leaflet that contains configurations for various free1 tile providers.


Download leaflet-providers.js and include it in your page after including Leaflet, e.g.:

  <script src=""></script>
  <script src="js/leaflet-providers.js"></script>


Leaflet-providers providers are referred to with a provider[.<variant>]-string. Let's say you want to add the nice Watercolor style from Stamen to your map, you pass Stamen.Watercolor to the L.tileLayer.provider-constructor, which will return a L.TileLayer instance for Stamens Watercolor tile layer.

// add Stamen Watercolor to map.


Leaflet-providers provides tile layers from different providers, including OpenStreetMap, Stamen, Esri and OpenWeatherMap. The full listing of free to use layers can be previewed. The page will show you the name to use with leaflet-providers.js and the code to use it without dependencies.

Providers requiring registration

In addition to the providers you are free1 to use, we support some layers which require registration.

HERE and HEREv3 (formerly Nokia).

In order to use HEREv3 layers, you must register. Once registered, you can create an apiKey which you have to pass to L.tileLayer.provider in the options:

L.tileLayer.provider('HEREv3.terrainDay', {
    apiKey: '<insert apiKey here>'

You can still pass app_id and app_code in legacy projects:

L.tileLayer.provider('HERE.terrainDay', {
    app_id: '<insert ID here>',
    app_code: '<insert ID here>'

Jawg Maps

In order to use Jawg Maps, you must register. Once registered, your access token will be located here and you will access to all Jawg default maps (variants) and your own customized maps :

L.tileLayer.provider('Jawg.Streets', {
    variant: '<insert map id here or blank for default variant>',
    accessToken: '<insert access token here>'


In order to use Mapbox maps, you must register. You can get map_ID (e.g. "mapbox/satellite-v9") and ACCESS_TOKEN from Mapbox projects:

L.tileLayer.provider('MapBox', {
    id: '<insert map_ID here>',
    accessToken: '<insert ACCESS_TOKEN here>'

The currently-valid Mapbox map styles, to use for map_IDs, are listed in the Mapbox documentation - only the final part of each is required, e.g. "mapbox/light-v10".

MapTiler Cloud

In order to use MapTiler maps, you must register. Once registered, get your API key from Account->Keys, which you have to pass to L.tileLayer.provider in the options:

L.tileLayer.provider('MapTiler.Streets', {
    key: '<insert key here>'

MapTiles API

In order to use OpenStreetMap in English, French or Spanish provided by MapTiles API, you must register. Once registered, you have to add your key to L.tileLayer.provider in the options:

L.tileLayer.provider('MapTilesAPI.OSMEnglish', {
    apikey: '<insert key here>'


In order to use Thunderforest maps, you must register. Once registered, you have an api_key which you have to pass to L.tileLayer.provider in the options:

L.tileLayer.provider('Thunderforest.Landscape', {apikey: '<insert api_key here>'}).addTo(map);


In order to use ArcGIS maps, you must register and abide by the terms of service. No special syntax is required.

Available Esri layers


In order to use TomTom layers, you must register. Once registered, you can create an apikey which you have to pass to L.tileLayer.provider in the options:

L.tileLayer.provider('TomTom', {
    apikey: '<insert your API key here>'

Geoportail France

In order to use Geoportail France resources, you need to obtain an api key that allows you to access the resources you need. Pass this api key and the ID of the resource to display to L.tileLayer.provider in the options:

L.tileLayer.provider('GeoportailFrance', {
    variant: '<insert resource ID here>',
    apikey: '<insert api key here>'

Please note that a public api key (choisirgeoportail) is used by default and comes with no guarantee.

4 aliases are also provided for common Geoportail resources : GeoportailFrance, GeoportailFrance.orthos, GeoportailFrance.ignMaps and GeoportailFrance.parcels (See index.html demo).

Stadia Maps

In order to use Stadia maps, you must register. Once registered, you can whitelist your domain within your account settings.


This work was inspired from, and originally created by Stefan Seelmann.

What do we mean by free?

1 We try to maintain leaflet-providers in such a way that you'll be able to use the layers we include without paying money. This doesn't mean no limits apply, you should always check before using these layers for anything serious.