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A game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 26


Life seemed so normal driving around your moon buggy on planet Moondar, until one day aliens invaded. You narrowly escaped their mothership but your moon buggy was damaged and is now out of control.

Travel across Moondar on your runaway moon buggy, narrowly avoiding obstacles while shooting aliens who try to attack you from above. Are you good enough to make it across Moondar? (Hint: you aren't, the game lasts forever.)


  • W A S D - Move
  • Mouse - Aim and shoot
  • Space - Jump

How to play

Your buggy can be in one of three rows at any given time. The on-screen indicator on the top right will tell which one you are in. As the buggy moves obstacles will take up an entire row for a brief period of time. Move the buggy out of the way to avoid collision. Hitting an obstacle will take 1/3 of your health.

In order to control the buggy stand inside one of the control platforms on either the left or right and then move your player either up or down against the buggy.

Watch for the flashing lights in the indicator to see when obstacles are approaching.

While you are driving, enemies will attack you from above. Shoot them to clear them out while grabbing extra points.


Theme: minimalism

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