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@rocks-moonscript-org @itchio
Michael Glass michaelglass

bloopin, bleepin

@NoRedInk Berlin, DE

nagadomi nagadomi

从×| _ |×从

Tokyo, Japan

Michiel Sikma msikma

Dutch programmer, 日本語🆗. I mostly work with Python and Node. 😋🍧😋🍑😋🍅😋🍏😋🍰😋🍗😋🍩😋🍒😋🍐😋🍖😋🍨😋🍌😋🍤😋🍎😋🍇😋🍜😋🍡😋🌽😋

Let's Deliver Netherlands

Adam Becker ajb

Department of Better Technology SF Bay Area

Amos Wenger fasterthanlime

Dealing with native apps, continuous deployment, microservices, and security at @itchio - also interested in compilers, audio, and of course, games!

@itchio europe

Tom Rothamel renpytom

Lead developer, @renpy

Etiene Dalcol Etiene

Chaotic good

@redbadger London, UK

Thibault Charbonnier thibaultcha

Kong maintainer, OpenResty contributor. Previously iOS, Node.js, frontend.

@Mashape San Francisco

Toby Mao tobymao

Scribd San Mateo, CA

Christine Dodrill Xe

Rockstar Hacker, Freelance Programmer, Gopher, Cloud Architect, Loving Cetacean


Richard Feldman rtfeldman

Author of Elm in Action. rtfeldman on Twitter.

NoRedInk San Francisco, CA

David Capello dacap

Author of @aseprite and other creatures. Failed attempt of human being. Educated by Mario Bros and 90s arcades. Born in 1983.


Лu Лinveгa neauoire

Black Tourmaline.

@XXIIVV Nepturne 7757

Sven Bergström underscorediscovery

Designer and creator of video games, and their pieces

Underscore Discovery Canada

Roland Yonaba

Amateur programmer, Lua enthusiast, Engineer in love with hydraulics, enjoy writing code and gamedev libraries

2iE Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren

OpenAV Productions Ireland

Bartek Ciszkowski bartek

Father, working at @gadventures during the day.

G Adventures Toronto, Ontario

Pierre Chapuis catwell

SOA, distributed systems, Lua, Unix, tech history. Core engineer @meetlima, ex-@moodstocks. Alum @TelecomBretagne (France) & Cranfield University (UK).

@MeetLima Paris, France

Yichun Zhang agentzh

The Creator of OpenResty

OpenResty Inc. San Francisco

Elias Tandel Barrionovo etandel

Just me :: Maybe Human

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Robert Andrew Ditthardt DorianGray

Olivine Labs, LLC San Francisco, CA

mikelewis mikelewis

Scribd San Francisco, CA

Tim Branyen tbranyen

Senior UI/Node Engineer @Netflix

Netflix San Francisco, CA

Sam Soffes soffes

Swift Developer

Nothing Magical San Francisco

Robert D. French robertdfrench

I enjoy 🐝 🌲's, incorrect apostrophes, wanton emojis.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Knoxville, TN

Dan Barry bakineggs

Square San Francisco, CA

Fabio Mascarenhas mascarenhas

DCC, UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil