A simple add-on to django-flash to display multiple status and error messages for a user.
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# Django Flash Status

A tiny and simple add-on to django-flash to add and display multiple status and error messages for a user. Feedback welcome!

## Usage

You can add a status message like so:

request.add_status('Your settings were successfully updated!')

You can add an error message like so:

request.add_error('All form fields are required. Please see errors below.')

In fact you can add any type of a message to a list of messages like so:

request.add_message('zings', 'Your mom.')
request.add_message('zings', 'That\'s what she said.')

## Setup

First you'll need to have django-flash installed. You can find it on GitHub at:

To use django-flash-status you'll need both FlashMiddleware and FlashStatusMiddleware included in your middleware settings.


That's all!

To use the flash.html template you'll need to include the django-flash context processors in your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting.


You'll also need to add djangoflashstatus to your INSTALLED_APPS so your project can find the template. Alternately, you can the location of this template to your TEMPLATE_DIRS setting.

    'djangoflashstatus', # flash.html template