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a port of the OpenBSD userland to Linux | unmaintained: use outils
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This is obase, a port of the OpenBSD userland to Linux.
You need bmake and OpenSSL installed to build it.

Most OS-independent tools just work, with a few exceptions:
- grep is not built because grep -F cannot be implemented on glibc regcomp.
- tail is not built because tail -f depends on kqueue.

Already ported tools are not built:
cvs less mg nc ssh sudo tmux

This is very alpha, and the tools haven't been tested very well yet.
At least the ALIGN-macro is defined only meaningfully for x86_64.

                                                Christian Neukirchen

Also not ported are:

asn1_compile at aucat audioctl bc bdes bgplg calendar cap_mkdb cdio
chio chpass compile_et compress crontab csh df encrypt find
fstat ftp gencat getcap gprof grep infocmp ipcs kdump keynote ktrace
lastcomm locate lock login midiplay mixerctl mklocale modstat mt
netstat newsyslog nfsstat nm oldrdist passwd pcc pctr pkill pmdb ps
quota radioctl rcp rdist rdistd rsh rup ruptime rusers rwall rwho
sendbug showmount skey skeyaudit skeyinfo skeyinit stat strip stty su
systat systrace tail talk tcopy tcpbench telnet tftp tic tip top tput
tset usbhidaction usbhidctl vi vmstat w x99token xinstall xlint ypcat
ypmatch ypwhich
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