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port of some non-standard OpenBSD tools to Linux
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This is outils, a port of some non-standard OpenBSD tools to Linux.

Included are:

     apply — apply a command to a set of arguments
     calendar — reminder service
     cksum — display file checksums and block counts
     jot — print sequential or random data
     lam — laminate files
     lndir — create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory
     md5 — calculate a message digest (checksum) for a file
     rdate — set the system's date from a remote host
     rs — reshape a data array
     signify — cryptographically sign and verify files
     unvis — revert a visual representation of data back to original form
     vis — display non-printable characters in a visual format
     what - show what versions of object modules were used to construct a file

                                                     Leah Neukirchen
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