Another PHP Framework. But this one is clean, lightweight and (partially) unit tested.
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Emvisee (pronounced MVC)
By Leander Lee

  Created: Mar 24, 2011

    - controllers
    - templating
    - services
    - useful php classes
    - (basic) testing suite
    - jquery minimized

Is a really lightweight mvc framework
for PHP, similar to many of the existing
frameworks out there. However, I chose
to do my own, because it uses autoloading
static classes, so that the controllers
do not have any additional markup.

This was created because:
    - There aren't enough php frameworks (lol)
    - I needed something light(er) weight
    - I wanted something that looked nice
      (ie, none of that $, ->, @ crap.)
    - Had automated testing

The router is compact and unit-tested.
This uses Twig for templating (sensiolabs).
I also wrote a (basic) testing framework.

    Just copy it into webroot.
    Edit settings.conf and hide from world.

    There are three things:

    contains .php files with a single 
    class called <filename>_controller.
    contains .php files with a single
    class called <filename>. This is
    automatically loaded when called.
    hosts all css, images and js files.
    contains .tml files in folders
    associated to the controller file.
    More information about the template
    language and syntax can be found at:
    contains .test files which can be run
    by the test suite.