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Simple tool for building Erlang/OTP projects
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Simple tool for building Erlang/OTP projects.

Install and configuration

Install the ebuilder gem:

sudo gem install ebuilder -s


At the root directory of your Erlang/OTP project, type:

ebuilder compile

That will compile all source files from src and test directories, put output on ebin directory and generate all edoc HTML files.


Yet on root directory, type:

ebuilder test MODULE

That will run all tests specified for MODULE. However it's not all. It have some other options:

-a [APPLICATION]   # specify your OTP application name
-d                 # it will include deps directory
-m                 # it will setup mnesia to db/dev directory


If you need some help, type:

ebuilder help


Copyright © 2009 Leandro Silva. See LICENSE for details.

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