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Simple generator to kick-off Erlang/OTP projects
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Simple generator to kick off Erlang/OTP projects quickly.

2009/12/29 - Pleasant news: Now otp_kickoff also installs the gem ebuilder, a very simple tool for building Erlang/OTP projects. It is all about facilitate our life. For more informations about ebuilder, see:

Install and configuration

Install the otp_kickoff gem:

sudo gem install otp_kickoff -s

And finally, configure your preferences:

otp_kickoff configure --author=leandro



otp_kickoff new_application --name=amazingapp

That will generate:

create  amazingapp/src
create  amazingapp/ebin
create  amazingapp/deps
create  amazingapp/src/
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_app.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_sup.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_server.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp_handler.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp.erl
create  amazingapp/src/amazingapp.hrl


Enjoy a lot with Erlang/OTP programming!


If you need some help, type:

otp_kickoff help

For a specific command:

otp_kickoff help new_application

And so on…


Copyright © 2009 Leandro Silva. See LICENSE for details.

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