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Cheerp 2.0 - Feb 18th, 2019

    * Introduce CFGStackifier (successor to Relooper)
    * Support commonjs modules with -cheerp-make-module
    * Support static methods in [[cheerp::jsexport]] classes
    * Support inlining of simple functions across the genericjs/asmjs/wasm boundary
    * Improved sourcemaps support
    * Improved support for __asm__ syntax
    * Reduced output size (both wasm and js)
    * Faster memcpy/memset/memmove in linear memory mode
    * Various performance improvements
    * Various robustness improvements

Cheerp 2.0-RC2 - Apr 23rd, 2018

* Much improved interoperability between WebAssembly and JavaScript code
* Much improved compile time errors when using interoperability features
* Support variable length stack arrays in WebAssembly and JavaScript mode
* Optimize WebAssembly code generation to reduce code size
* Support virtual bases in WebAssembly and JavaScript mode
* Support runtime bounds checking in WebAssembly and JavaScript mode
* Introduce Identical Code Folding to remove duplicated code in WebAssembly and Asmj.js mode

Cheerp 2.0-RC1 - Nov 11th, 2017:

* Add a WebAssembly backend that produces binary and textual wasm
* Add flag -cheerp-asmjs-mem-file to output a file holding asm.js module initialized memory
* Add flag -cheerp-wasm-loader to output a file that initialises the WebAssembly file
* Add flag -cheerp-linear-heap-size that sets heap size in megabytes for asmjs and wasm
* Add flag -cheerp-no-math-fround that disables the usage of Math.fround()
* Add `[[cheerp::asmjs]]` attribute for setting globals in the asmjs section manually
* Add `[[cheerp::genericjs]]` attribute for setting globals in the generic section
* Enabling asmjs mode will define `__ASMJS__` in the preprocessor
* Enabling wasm mode will define `__WASM__` in the preprocessor
* Overhaul of priority system to remove useless parenthesis and type coercions

Cheerp 1.3 - Feb 7th, 2017:

* Improve support for unions
* Make it possible to define globals in the client namespace
* Improve support for variadic arguments
* Improvements to PreExecuter
* Improvements to JavaScript minimizer
* Declare all variables at the beginning of the functions
* Add -cheerp-reserved-names option to skip specific names in the minimizer
* Improve support for [[cheerp::jsexport]]
* Make it possible to use [[cheerp::jsexport]] on free functions beside classes
* Improve precision of float constants
* Merge small integers fields together
* Improve promotion of pointer to value arguments
* Initial support for PreExecusing main/webMain
* Introduce debug command line flags -cheerp-bounds-check and -cheerp-defined-members-check
* Enable 64-bit enums
* Enable dynamic_cast of references	
* Improve compilation speed
* Various optimizations

Cheerp 1.2.1 - Feb 10th, 2016

* Fixed encoding of literal strings in JS
* Minor fixes

Cheerp 1.2 - Jan 25th, 2016

* Based on updated LLVM/clang
* Support covariant return types
* Add support for 64-bit integers
* Support RTTI and dynamic_cast
* Improved compiler diagnostic messages
* Reduced code size
* Reduced code startup time
* Improved performance of generated code
* Support JavaScript module pattern
* Improved SourceMaps

Cheerp 1.1 - Jun 15th, 2015

* Greatly improved performance for the generated code

Cheerp 1.0 - May 28th, 2014

* Initial stable release
* Greatly improved clientlib.h header
* Generated Doxygen documentation for Web APIs
* Several fixes to robustness and performance
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