Cheerp specific C++ 11 attributes

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C++11 introduces a standard syntax for custom attributes, which is [[attributename]]. Cheerp takes advantage of a few custom attributes to provide special semantics otherwise not present in the C++ language.


This attribute can be applied to any object. It is a type safe alternative to the following C++ idiom used to allocate storage for an object without actually constructing/initializing it. In the sample below T stands for any type.

typename aligned_storage<sizeof(T)>::type obj;

Most usually a placement new is then used to construct the object in place. This solution may be required if you need strict, manual control on object initialization. The [[noinit]] attribute lets you directly use an object of the right type, but the compiler will not call the constructor on it.

The equivalent code using [[noinit]] is:

T obj [[noinit]];

Please note that, similarly to the usual, type-unsafe solution you have to manually invoke the destructor as required.

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