Cheerp specific clang options

Alessandro Pignotti edited this page Mar 15, 2018 · 3 revisions

-cheerp-asmjs-heap-size=<value> Set asm.js heap size (in MB, default is 1)

-cheerp-asmjs-symbolic-globals Compile global variable addresses as js variables in the asm.js module

-cheerp-bounds-check Generate debug code for bounds-checking array accesses

-cheerp-defined-members-check Generate debug code for checking if accessed object members are defined

-cheerp-dump-bc Output the final BC file

-cheerp-force-typed-arrays Use typed arrays instead of normal arrays for list of doubles

-cheerp-make-module Create a closure around JS to avoid global namespace pollution

-cheerp-mode=<value> Specify which mode to use by default [genericjs/asmjs]

-cheerp-no-credits Disable Cheerp credits in JS

-cheerp-no-lto Disable final optimization step at link time

-cheerp-no-math-fround Disable JavaScript Math.fround

-cheerp-no-math-imul Disable JavaScript Math.imul

-cheerp-no-native-math Disable native JavaScript math functions

-cheerp-no-pointer-scev Disable scalar evolution for pointers

-cheerp-no-type-optimizer Disable optimization of data types at link time

-cheerp-preexecute-main Run main/webMain in the PreExecuter step. Needs -cheerp-preexecute.

-cheerp-preexecute Enable execution of run-time init at compile time

-cheerp-pretty-code Generate human-readable JS

-cheerp-reserved-names=<value> A list of JS identifiers that should not be used by Cheerp

-cheerp-sourcemap-prefix=<prefix> Remove from sourcemap paths

-cheerp-sourcemap=<file> Write sourcemap to <file>

-cheerp-wast-loader=<file> Write wast loader to <file>

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