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HTML5 of Teeworlds, a multiplayer game. Full serverless and compiled using Cheerp
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Teeworlds Web Edition

This is the homepage of the unofficial web version of Teeworlds, compiled with Cheerp.

You can play the game at

Teeworlds originally is a C++ multiplayer desktop game, what it means for it to have a web version?

  • The original C++ code has been compiled to a combination of Javascript and WebAssembly, so to be executable inside any (modern) browser while maintaining the original logic
  • Players connect directly with each other through WebRTC. One player takes double duty as player and server, and anyone connecting through the unique server link joins the game
  • The game itself works without centralized servers. Listing the servers and WebRTC signaling happens over a cloud database.

Known limitations:

  • Decent connection + mouse + keyboard will allow the best playing experience
  • This game is not designed to run on mobile

For any bug / suggestion / feedback just open an Issue here on github.

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