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How to install Leanote (如何安装 Leanote)

Difference between the binary and source installation: binary version is the pre-compiled version that doesn't require any development environment to be installed; Source code version of Leanote requires the DE of Golang.

安装 Leanote 二进制和源码的区别: 二进制版是编译好的 Leanote, 不用安装开发环境. Leanote 源码安装, 需要安装编译环境 Golang.

  • Detailed binary installation instructions (二进制版详细安装教程)

  • Detailed source installation instructions (源码版详细安装教程)

How to develop Leanote (如何二次开发 Leanote)

API & Synchronization (命令接口与数据同步)

Leanote blog theme API (Leanote 博客主题 API)

Client app development (客户端开发)