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Sample implementations of a book database

This is supposed to provide multiple implementations of a book database using various frameworks.

This is a place for experiments and discussion. Nothing in here has any use in the real world, but might provide a starting point for a real project.

Rules of conduct

  • /backends contains all backend implementations dealing with persistence. Each implementation is supposed to ...
    • ... implement a REST API as specified in this swagger bookdb_api.yaml
    • ... provide a shell script building the sources (if necessary) and starting the service on port 8080. If a specific database is required it should be started as well using docker.
  • /blackbox-tests contains all black-box tests of the backend service. Each implementation is support to ...
    • ... only use the REST API on port 8080
    • ... create its own fixtures
    • ... provide a building the sources (if necessary) and executing the tests.