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Gopter tries to bring the goodness of ScalaCheck (and implicitly, the goodness of QuickCheck) to Go. It can also be seen as a more sophisticated version of the testing/quick package.

Main differences to ScalaCheck:

  • It is Go ... duh
  • ... nevertheless: Do not expect the same typesafety and elegance as in ScalaCheck.
  • For simplicity Shrink has become part of the generators. They can still be easily changed if necessary.
  • There is no Pretty ... so far gopter feels quite comfortable being ugly.
  • A generator for regex matches
  • No parallel commands ... yet?

Main differences to the testing/quick package:

  • Much tighter control over generators
  • Shrinkers, i.e. automatically find the minimum value falsifying a property
  • A generator for regex matches (already mentioned that ... but it's cool)
  • Support for stateful tests


Current godocs:

  • gopter: Main interfaces
  • gopter/gen: All commonly used generators
  • gopter/prop: Common helpers to create properties from a condition function and specific generators
  • gopter/arbitrary: Helpers automatically combine generators for arbitrary types
  • gopter/commands: Helpers to create stateful tests based on arbitrary commands
  • gopter/convey: Helpers used by gopter inside goconvey tests


MIT Licence

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