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Mathematics in Lean

This tutorial depends on Lean, VS Code, and mathlib. You can find the textbook both online and in this repository in html format or as a pdf document. The book is designed to be read as you work through examples and exercises, using a copy of this repository on your computer. Alternatively, you can use Gitpod to tun Lean and VS Code in the cloud.

To use this repository on your computer

Do the following:

  1. Install Lean, VS Code, and the mathlib tools following the instructions on the community web site.

  2. In a terminal, type leanproject get mathematics_in_lean to fetch this repository.

  3. Type code mathematics_in_lean to open that directory in VS Code.

Opening any Lean file will simultaneously open this book in a VS Code window.

Each section in the book has an associated Lean file with examples and exercises. You can find them in the folder src, organized by chapter. We recommend making a copy of that folder, naming it something like my_files. That way you can experiment with the files as you go while leaving the originals intact.

You can update to a newer version of this repository by typing git pull followed by leanproject get-mathlib-cache inside the mathematics_in_lean folder. This will update the src folder, but will not change my_files.

To use this repository with Gitpod

If you have a Gitpod account or are willing to sign up for one, just point your browser to This creates a virtual machine in the cloud, and installs Lean and mathlib. It then presents you with a VS Code window, running in a virtual copy of the repository. You can then make a copy of the src directory, and so on, following the instructions above.

Gitpod gives you 50 free hours every month. When you are done working, choose Stop workspace from the menu on the left. The workspace should also stop automatically 30 minutes after the last interaction or 3 minutes after closing the tab.

To restart a previous workspace, go to If you change the filter from Active to All, you will see all your recent workspaces. You can pin a workspace to keep it on the list of active ones.


PRs and issues should be opened at the upstream source repository.


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