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Leanpub Translations

If you want to help us localize Leanpub to your language, please fork this repo and then make a pull request.

Not all of Leanpub is internationalized, so not all of Leanpub can be localized. For now, the goal is for reader-facing stuff in the checkout workflow to be internationalized and localized.

Every language we support has a 2 letter code YAML file for that language. We support English, plus languages that have been volunteer-translated to a good level by an interested author.

To localize Leanpub to a your language or to fix an issue with our existing localization to your language, please do the following:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. If you are adding a new language, please create a new language file with a file extension of .yml. The best thing to do is to start either with the en.yml or a specific translation such as fr.yml or de.yml. The filename should be the two letter code at:
  3. Make the changes you wish.
  4. Submit a pull request for us.

Please email if you have any questions!


The Leanpub Team

Legal Stuff

The text of this repository, both the original English language text and all translations of it, is all copyright © 2010-2022 Ruboss Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.

The text here may be translated for the sole purpose of it being used in Leanpub ( This Git repository is publicly available on GitHub so that volunteer translators can easily provide fixes and improvements to Leanpub. Any volunteer translation provided immediately becomes the property of and copyright of Ruboss Technology Corporation upon submitting a pull request or submitting the translation information via email.


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