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Android SDK for BLE Beacons: Proximity and Indoor Positioning Applications
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BLE Beacon SDK for Android

BLE Beacon SDK for Android is a library that allows interaction with any iBeacon / Eddystone compatible devices, including both Leantegra beacons and 3rd-party devices from other vendors (e.g. Estimote,


  • WiBeat management: connect\disconnect, read\write all info from nearby device, upgrade firmware;
  • WiBeat ranging: scanning for nearby devices, filtering by specified properties, distance to device (IMMEDIATE, NEAR, FAR zones; distance in meters), distance tunning and calibration functionality;
  • WiBeat monitoring: monitors Enter\Exit events for predefined regions that can be defined by multiple rules (UUID, distance, zone, Major, Minor etc.);
  • Integration with Leantegra CMS (notifications, multi-rules, analytics, proximity analytics);
  • Mobile RTLS: calculates user's phone position in location that is covered by WiBeats;
  • Mobile Routing: calculates shortest route and distance between two points;
  • Mobile Map: load and display location's OSM map from CVO portal.


Manual installation

  1. Put leantegra-android-sdk_1.10.0.aar into project's libs directory;
  2. Add into build.gradle:
repositories {
    flatDir {
      dirs 'libs'
  1. Add into build.gradle dependency to WiBeat SDK:
dependencies {
  compile(name:'leantegra-android-sdk_1.10.0', ext:'aar')
  1. All needed permissions (BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH_ADMIN and INTERNET) and services will be merged from SDK's AndroidManifest.xml to your application's AndroidManifest.xml;
  2. Initialize WiBeat SDK without using Leantegra CMS:
  1. Initialize WiBeat SDK with using Leantegra CMS:
ApplicationCmsClient applicationCmsClient = CmsClientFactory.createApplicationCmsClient(applicationContext);

How to use


JavaDocs for WiBeat SDK you can find here.

Demo Applications

Demo applications you can find here.


The list of changes in WiBeat SDK for Android located in CHANGELOG.

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