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iOS SDK for BLE Beacons: Proximity and Indoor Positioning Applications
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BLE Beacon SDK for iOS

BLE Beacon SDK for iOS is a library that allows interaction with any iBeacon / Eddystone compatible devices, including both Leantegra beacons and 3rd-party devices from other vendors (e.g. Estimote,


  • Based on Apple Core Location and Apple Core Bluetooth Frameworks;
  • WiBeat management: connect\disconnect, read\write all info from nearby device;
  • WiBeat ranging: scanning for nearby devices, filtering by specified properties, distance to device (IMMEDIATE, NEAR, FAR zones);
  • WiBeat monitoring: monitors Enter\Exit events for predefined regions that can be defined by multiple rules (UUID, distance, zone, Major, Minor etc.);
  • Integration with Leantegra CMS (notifications, multi-rules, analytics).


Manual installation

  1. Add LeantegraSDK.framework into Xcode project;
  2. Add Apple's CoreLocation and Apple's CoreBlueooth frameworks into Xcode project;
  3. For WiBeat Monitoring feature, if You are using iOS 11 as your base SDK, add NSLocationAlwaysAndWhenInUseUsageDescription and NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription keys in your Info.plist file. If You are using iOS 10 and lower as your base SDK, add NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription or NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription key in your Info.plist depending on your needs;
  4. For WiBeat Monitoring feature, add bluetooth-central property key;
  5. For WiBeat Monitoring feature, enable "Uses Bluetooth LE accessories" checkbox in Xcode target settings – TARGETS/Capabilities/Background Modes.

How to use


Apple Docs for WiBeat SDK you can find here.

Demo Applications

Demo applications you can find here.


The list of changes in WiBeat SDK for iOS located in CHANGELOG.

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