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LEAP Encryption Access Project

LEAP is dedicated to giving internet users access to secure communication. Our code, bugs and issues live here:

Popular repositories

  1. bitmask_client Public mirror

    This repo is deprecated. Check

    Python 161 53

  2. Python bindings for SQLCipher

    C 123 41

  3. LEAP client for android

    Java 92 32

  4. leap_platform Public mirror

    Server automation recipes for the LEAP Platform. Written mostly using puppet, and licensed under the GPLv3.

    Ruby 50 24

  5. soledad Public

    Synchronization Of Locally Encrypted Data Among Devices

    Python 40 26

  6. leap_web Public mirror

    Web application for the LEAP platform, providing user management, tickets, billing, and REST API. Uses CouchDB for data storage, written in Ruby, released under the AGPL.

    Ruby 31 29


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