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Fast Exit Market Maker



Registers a new fast sell exit.

First, you have to transfer your UTXO to exitHander address on plasma. Then you you call /sellExit to notify market maker.

Usage: Exit.fastSellUtxo and Exit.fastSellAmount helpers

Example payload:

    "tx": {
        "value": "0xf43fc2c04ee0000",
        "color": 0,
        "hash": "0x76e9032dda4fc2ba6e850754770652783555de7add8b535ae7777a7a7c590f2a",
        "from": "0xaf0939af286a35dbfab7ded7c777a5f6e8be26a8",
        "raw": "0x0311b9a0ff624f789a75bbaf72a524b9e49e0ad86f90ecbdce7022c5e3d70273aa6f00fc6abf47a13842d50525030824b1089c57c94e8847cac1d3e4be0deaedf7f69b6e07b7b8a4f1a67111c26c06fff814ef57d8aa82402b20cbac8e6742e6e98ce51b0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000f43fc2c04ee000000002c2a3b359edbcfe3c3ac0cd9f9f1349a96c02530",
        "blockHash": "0x0934854f4fd9fed3ea93ccf64e40ef6251fa3b6a90f4aca10f3e8661bb59ecd8",
        "blockNumber": 15275,
        "transactionIndex": 0,
        "to": "0x2c2a3b359edbcfe3c3ac0cd9f9f1349a96c02530",
        "gas": "0x0",
        "gasPrice": "0x0",
        "nonce": 0,
        "input": "0x"
    "effectiveBlock": 15295,
    "inputTx": {
        "value": "1100000000000000000",
        "color": 0,
        "hash": "0xb9a0ff624f789a75bbaf72a524b9e49e0ad86f90ecbdce7022c5e3d70273aa6f",
        "from": "0xaf0939af286A35DBfab7DEd7c777A5F6E8BE26A8",
        "raw": "0x03124deb9da953e92bea4021a11fdfbb0ca461765eef83f53739927b6625890f095b013193352ecf53c9d2fcda1318ff5662e1447dc7ae8e939502929e0575a30890a04df251c7e4668d710918b866b809be1dbe0c6d205d9283a6a8393d5e59a8952d1c0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000f43fc2c04ee00000000af0939af286a35dbfab7ded7c777a5f6e8be26a8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000030c73c1f9ad0f640000000af0939af286a35dbfab7ded7c777a5f6e8be26a8",
        "blockHash": "0x0ea374b424a98d92e5fb0cee4da72e5545afaecb22700bdbb74b30e15cf29779",
        "blockNumber": 15274,
        "transactionIndex": 0,
        "to": "0xaf0939af286A35DBfab7DEd7c777A5F6E8BE26A8",
        "gas": 0,
        "gasPrice": "0",
        "nonce": 0,
        "input": "0x"
    "signedData": [

GET /exits/{account}/{color}

Returns pending exits for given account for a given color. Pending = registered with market maker, but not yet finalized (waiting for a next period to be mined).

GET /deals

Returns configuration for the market maker: supported markets, balances and MM adress.

Example response:

    "address": "0x83B3525e17F9eAA92dAE3f9924cc333c94C7E98a",
    "deals": [
            "color": 0,
            "tokenAddr": "0xD2D0F8a6ADfF16C2098101087f9548465EC96C98",
            "balance": "18352119999999999872",
            "rate": 980

POST - /directSell

Request market maker to payout tokens skipping ExitHandler contract. For that you have to supply a txHash of plasma transaction spending from your account ot market maker account. The value of that transaction will be payed out to you on a root network.

Returns: txHash of payout transaction.

Usage example: burner

Testnet endpoints

  POST -
  GET -{account}/{color}
  GET -
  POST -

Mainnet endpoints

  POST -
  GET -{account}/{color}
  GET -
  POST -


Run offline (AWS profile required):

yarn start



yarn deploy:testnet


yarn deploy:mainnet


Initial setup

Fund market maker address (derived from PRIV_KEY) with Ether and tokens you want to create markets for. Note, that market maker will submit exits to FastExitHandler and thus needs enough ether not only for tx fees, but for exit stake as well.

Adding new markets / changing market settings

Change MARKET_CONFIG env var (see package.json for examples)


Logs mainnet exit finalizer: sls logs -f finalizer -s mainnet (fastExits) mainnet exit manager: sls logs -f manager -s mainnet (registering fastExits, processing directSell of sunDai)

Receipts Hashes for outbound transactions are stored in DynamoDb as well (see txHash attribute). For directSell (sunDai) it will be a hash of payout tx, for fastSell it will be a hash of startBoughtExit tx.

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