LeapDAO validation node
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Leap DAO validation node



  • Node.js 8+
  • build-essential
  • Python 2.X (required by node-gyp, only for building)


npm install leap-node -g or yarn global add leap-node

Run locally

leap-node [ARGS] --config=path-to-config.json


To enable logs use DEBUG env variable (see: https://www.npmjs.com/package/debug). Debug namepaces:

  • tendermint
  • leap-node
  • leap-node:period
  • leap-node:tx
  • abci (built-in from js-abci)

Example: DEBUG=tendermint,leap-node:tx leap-node

Available cli arguments

  • no-validators-updates — disabling validators set updates (default: false)
  • port — tx endpoint port (default: 3000)
  • rpcaddr — host for http RPC server (default: localhost)
  • rpcport — port for http RPC server (default: 8645)
  • wsaddr — host for websocket RPC server (default: localhost)
  • wsport — port for websocket RPC server (default: 8646)
  • p2pPort — port for p2p connection (default: random)
  • config — path to config file or node's JSON RPC url (eg https://testnet-2.leapdao.org)
  • version — print version of the node

Config file options

  • bridgeAddr — leap bridge contract address
  • rootNetwork — ethereum provider url
  • genesis — genesis string
  • network — network name
  • networkId - network ID. Possible values: 1340 - Leap mainnet, 1341 - Leap testnet.
  • peers — array of peers

Config presets

Dev config file: leap-node --network=testnet-beta

Testnet config file: N/A

Mainnet config file: N/A

Run in the cloud

You can use Terraform to spin up an Amazon EC2 instance with the node. You will need an SSH keypair to access the EC2 instance. Generate a new keypair or use an existing one.

terraform init setup/cloud
terraform apply -var ssh_public_file="~/.ssh/leap-testnet.pub" -var ssh_private_file="~/.ssh/leap-testnet" -var network="testnet-beta" setup/cloud

Some useful commands once it is up and running:

  • check the logs: ssh ubuntu@<ec2 host> journalctl -u leap-node
  • start/stop/restart/status: ssh ubuntu@<ec2 host> sudo service leap-node start/stop/restart/status

Dive in development


Staking UI

Dev: https://bridge-dev.leapdao.org/

Testnet: N/A

Mainnet: N/A