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Womack lets normal web apps push real-time events to clients
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Womack is a service that you can use to push realtime events between your regular, plain-old, non-websockety web application and clients. It is built on top of gevent-socketio and redis.

Why Womack?

You want to write an application, like a game or shared calendar or group chat or some kind of game that involves chatting about calendars in a group. You want the convenience of writing most of your application in the regular, stateless, blocking way you are used to writing web applications, and access to all of the nice tools that you have over in that box. But you also want your calendar game UI to be snappy and realtime and not rely on polling or keeping track of game state in two places. So you put a service like Womack in the middle and use it to push real-time events to clients as your blocking application receives input and does its thing in the database or S3 or wherever.


  1. Install and start redis

  2. Clone this repository.

  3. Make a virtualenv, then install dependencies with make server


    On Windows you may need to install gevent manually.

  4. Install Womack: python develop

  5. Start womack server: womack

  1. In a browser, load http://localhost:8111/test.html

  2. In a python shell, enter:

    >>> import womack.publish
    >>> wm = womack.publish.Publisher()
    >>> wm.publish('hello', {'hello': 'world'})

    You should see the message "hello world" appear immediately in the browser.

Similar projects

Womack was heavily inspired by and includes some client-side code derived from the excellent nodejs project juggernaut and the python client for juggernaut.

Womack has slightly different internal message routing from juggernaut, making it (in our opinion at least) more appropriate for multi-tenant applications. And it is also easier for python programmers to customize, since it is written in python.

About the name

You don't know what you'll do until you're put under pressure ...

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