Assets 3

If updating from a previous version of the asset, we recommend deleting your LeapMotion and LeapMotion+OVR folders from your project, along with removing the Leap Motion related DLLs and .dylib's from your Plugins folder. As with previous releases we recommend not storing any of your own files or changes in the LeapMotion or LeapMotion+OVR folders.

Version 2.3.0 provides Unity 5.0.1 support for the Leap Motion Core Assets on OSX and Windows. This release also combines the previously separate Leap Motion Core Assets and Leap Motion UI Widgets Assets.

Previous version of the assets can be found at

The bleeding edge development branch of the assets can be found on the Leap Motion Examples Github.

This release has been tested with Unity 5.0.1 and the Oculus Runtime. Support for Oculus 0.6.0-beta SDK/Runtime will be in a future release.

Changes in the v2.3.0 release of Core Asset include:

  • Added Image Hand assets and improved image passthrough shaders.
  • Updated LeapOVRCameraRig and OVRPlayerController to add new passthrough quad shaders and structure.
  • Updated a number of demo scenes to utilize the new image hand assets.
  • Confirmed support for Leap Motion 2.2.5 tracking.
  • Confirmed support for Unity 5.0.1
  • Updated VR widgets to fix button event bug.
  • Made colliders in rigid hands Kinematic to avoid collision volumes moving unexpectedly.
  • Added automatic Oculus IPD correction when using Leap Motion Image Passthrough related assets.
  • Updated Dial Picker to not use a GUI mask element, which caused z-sorting bugs under some circumstances, especially with image hand.
  • Updated Scroller Widget to use an improved momentum-based scrolling algorithm.
  • Updated shaders in a number of demo scenes to Unity 5 standard shaders.
  • Reduced image-passthrough latency.
  • Various bug fixes in demo scenes.