General Utilities in Core

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Pardon our dust! This page is still under construction.

Garbageless LINQ queries using Query()

using Leap.Unity.Query

private List<GameObject> _gameObjectCollection = new List<GameObject>();

private GameObject SecondObjectNamedFoo() {
  return _gameObjectCollection.Query()
                              .Where(o =>"Foo"))

Simple animation using Tween

using Leap.Unity.Animation

private void OneShotTweenUp() {
       .OnReachEnd(() => { Debug.Log("I'm done tweening!"); });

Generic (Non-MonoBehaviour) Pooling with Pool

Pool anything that can be constructed with a new keyword. This can save you having to hold a lot of private buffer list variables in your MonoBehaviours, for example. (Unfortunately, this does not work with any MonoBehaviours, but it does work with GameObjects.)

private void MyFunctionNeedsATemporaryList() {
  List<int> myTempList;
  try {
    myTempList = Pool<List<int>>.Spawn();
    for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) myTempList.Add(i);
    Debug.Log("I've got a pooled list: " + myTempList);
  finally {
    myTempList.Clear(); // Clear the list before returning it to the pool!

Data Structures

  • RingBuffer
  • SmoothedVector3
  • SmoothedFloat
  • DeltaBuffer
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