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Jun 29, 2020

Learn Anything

Learn Anything

Organize world's knowledge, explore relations and curate learning paths

  • Learn: Powerful personal link manager. Curated study guides for learning any topic. Knowledge graph of topics to learn.
  • Explore: Powerful tools to connect learned topics together. Explore global map of all the topics to learn.
  • Ideas: Powerful tools to track & manage personal ideas. Find people to work on ideas together. Get direct support for your novel ideas.

What is it

The vision of project is to create the best platform possible for learning any topic as well as finding & building novel ideas together.

Please read our roadmap where we outline the problems we want to solve with building this platform and how we plan to solve them.

If you are interested in helping us out, please join our community on Discord to learn & build this project together.

The code for last release of Learn Anything deployed at can be found here. You are welcome to do anything you wish with it.

Help us build it

We share most of our plans & docs in public as we build the project out. We author everything in Notion & all our public documents can be viewed here.

Our tech stack is:

  • NextJS for rendering things on the web.
  • Postgres to store all the data.
  • Hasura for GraphQL API on top of Postgres.
  • Go for all things backend (Hasura actions, serverless functions).

If you wish to join our team, we would love to have you but currently we lack any funds to support anyone. We hope that changes in the near future as we release the website.

If you wish to invest in the project please contact Nikita. Thank you. ❤️


Nikita Voloboev
Nikita Voloboev
Angelo Gazzola
Angelo Gazzola
John Letey
John Letey

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